Our approach

Life can be hard at times. Concerns about work, relationships, finances, and health might cause stress. Sometimes, these struggles ease on their own, or we can use strategies that have worked in the past. Other times, it feels like we’re stuck in the mud of our difficulties, and can’t seem to find a path out of our struggles.

That’s when we can help you regain your balance.

We support you in getting to know yourself better and finding new strategies for dealing with challenging situations or emotions. Together, we create an individualized treatment plan using evidence-based psychological interventions.

During single and couple therapy sessions, you get support with:

  • Depression, anxiety disorders, and stress-related illnesses
  • Stressful experiences or traumatization
  • Separation or grief
  • Challenging transitions (marriage, parenthood, retirement)
  • Difficult professional situations, occupational stress, preventing burnout
  • Demanding family or team constellations

Together, we promote self-compassion and self-care – so you get the tools to support yourself during life’s challenges.

You experience new ways of dealing with:

  • Fear, guilt, shame, or anger
  • Self-criticism, self-deprecation, or self-hatred
  • Perfectionism and high standards
  • Insults, rejection, or sensitivity
  • Insecurity in social situations

Working together, we find ways to recognize and modify communication patterns or relationship-related anxieties.

During group sessions, you can:

Train compassionate interaction (MUT): You discover the concepts of compassion and self-compassion in a group setting. You learn how to help and support yourself and others in stressful situations and how to deal with challenging feelings.

What are the costs?

One session usually takes 60 Minutes and costs 180 CHF. Preparation and postprocessing costs are included (typically 10 min / session). Therapeutic phone consultations and E-Mails, exchange with GPs or other health professionals will be charged per 5 (=15 CHF) minutes respectively.
Couple- or family sessions cost 200 CHF / 60 min.
Please note: The initial assessment session usually takes about 90 Minutes

Will my insurance cover the costs?

As federally accredited psychotherapists and holders of the psychotherapy practice license granted by the Canton of Zürich, we fullfil the requirements of supplementary insurance plans. Additionally, we are on the list of santé suisse (Swiss health insurance association) as accredited psychotherapists. If you have supplementary insurance, psychotherapy usually is partly covered. Please clarify the specific conditions and the amount with your health insurance. The basic health insurance plan does not cover psychotherapy.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel a session?

No worries: You can cancel your session up to 24 hours before the agreed date at no cost. After that, we charge a late cancellation fee of 130 CHF. If you don’t cancel in advance, however, we will have to charge the full amount of your session, as we could have used that time to help someone else.

Sometimes, even making contact is hard. That’s when we’re here for you, too.